A Simple Checklist To Help You Find A Plumber

Finding the right plumber doesn't have to be complicated. You shouldn't hire the first person you can find since you need to be able to trust the plumber, let them into your home and make sure they will be able to perform the repairs in an efficient manner. Here is a checklist you should use if you need to find a great plumber.

- Look for plumbers who offer their services in your area.
- Talk to your neighbors and ask if they can recommend a good plumber.
- Make sure they offer the type of services you need. This is especially important if you need an emergency plumber.
- Look them up via the Better Business Bureau website to make sure there isn't an outstanding number of complaints filed against them.
- Look for reviews and ratings on different sites where homeowners can review contractors.
- Make a shorter list of the local plumbers who have an excellent reputation.
- Contact these plumbers to ask a few questions about their plumbing business. Find out how many years of experience they have.
- Ask if they have a valid business license and can legally offer their services to contractors.
- Make sure they are insured. Hiring a plumber who is not insured means you would be responsible if they cause any damages while working in your home.
- Find out when they can come to your home to either give you a quote or perform the repairs. Do not hire a plumber who seems too busy to give you an estimate of when they will be able to stop by.
- Ask about their pricing structure. Getting a quote is easier if you already know what kind of repair will be necessary.
- If you don't know what needs to be done to your plumbing system, have a plumber come over and look at the problem. Ask them for a quote in writing but don't feel obligated to hire them.
- Trust your gut feeling when talking to a plumber. If you do not have the feeling that you are dealing with someone who wants to provide a good service at a fair price, choose another plumber.
- Don't hesitate to call different plumbers to compare their prices and their experience.

This checklist should help you find a great plumber in your area. Once you find a good plumber, keep their contact information and call them again the next time you need repairs.